Broadway House Fire

Welcome to my reconstructed website, It's been a long time coming but here you will be able to see some of the images I've made / created [photographed] the past 35 + years. From the days of film to this new age of digital I have clicked the shutter on many different cameras, well over a million frames by now. Photography has opened doors and places that I never could have dreamed that I would be able to photograph. Places like The White House, The Oval Office, or even the private kitchen of President Ronald Reagan. I have photographed stars, and starlets, I have gone from photographing a baby being born to a gang member being shot. If anything I have learned photography is creating history, because everytime I look back at some of those millions of images I remember the minute I pushed the shutter, the history that I've recorded to look at all these year gone by.
Burbank Fire Department
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